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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Can't resist the Zombie madness.


Plants Vs. Zombies is one of the best games in the world. It’s about zombies trying to get into your house and EAT YOUR BRAINS so it’s up to the plants to stop the zombies. Plants vs Zombies is really fantastic. I find this game not scary at all. It's a fun game pact with high defined quality, graphics, peculiar awesome sound, The plants are really good and there are lots of diffirent types like the peashooter which shoots peas at the zombies. This game is a computer game that you can download and it’s even better because it doesn’t take up much memory. I recommend it for people over 8 years old & above.

Plants vs. Zombies is your basic tower defense game, with a wide variety of plants acting as the line of defense between your noggin and the shambling undead. You begin each round with a sneak peek at the zombies that are standing in the street, patiently awaiting their chance to jump the curb and make a beeline for your back door. You can then choose the plants you want to take into battle; certain plants are useless against certain zombies, so plan carefully.

The most important resource in the game is sunshine. Each seed costs a certain amount of sun to plant; the more powerful the seed, the more sun it costs. Sunshine falls naturally from the sunny sky, but not in large enough quantities to do you much good - you'll have to plant Sunflowers to boost your sunlight-gathering abilities. Even if you've got plenty of sun, you need to be wise about how and when you plant. Seeds take a certain amount of time to recharge after planting, so relying too much on powerful seeds that take more time to recharge can leave you wide open and vulnerable.

At first, you'll only have a handful of seeds at your disposal, but you earn a new seed at the end of each cleared level. You'll more than likely settle on a favorite combination of plants pretty early on, but Plants vs. Zombies does a great job of forcing you to reconsider your strategies. Sun isn't as readily available at night, for example, while the slope of the roof renders straight-shooting peas virtually useless. Wall-nuts that kept weaker zombies at bay are no match for pole vaulting or ladder zombies, and you can't plant much of anything in the pool without laying down a lily pad first.

That said, Plants vs. Zombies certainly isn't the hardest tower defense game you'll ever play - seasoned players will probably beat Adventure Mode without ever once losing a round. There's still loads to do, even after you defeat the final boss, though. You can tend to the plants in your Zen Garden, which spit out money if you treat them well, or visit the Tree of Wisdom, which spits out advice if you treat it well. You can also test your skill at an assortment of mini-games, though some are definitely more fun than others. Invisighouls, which pits you against an army of invisible undead, is particularly challenging, as is Portal Kombat, but Slot Machine and Whack-a-Zombie are a bit weak. Oh, but you're not done yet. Once you've worked your way through all of those, there are still two puzzle modes to master: Vasebreaker, in which you have to protect your brains while smashing all the vases on the lawn and my personal favorite, I, Zombie, which lets you switch roles and play as the brain-munchers themselves.


  1. PLANTS vs ZOMBIES is the greatest entertainment game ever made!and i agree that this game has no age limit. everybody who's anybody can play and get addicted. like me. :))

  2. yea pearll... nice insight. thnk's for posting a comment. Truly this game is undeniably addicting.