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Wednesday, December 9, 2009



One of the histories most respected heroes... That’s how I describe a Journalist.

"Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist's credibility."
Imagine, if you will, that you are a journalist. Working away at a newspaper, a television station, a Web site newsroom. Happy to be telling stories, chasing your next lead. Doing the work because you love it. Imagine, much as you love your life, however, you sometimes find yourself wondering what it would be like if one day lightning struck – and you came across an incredible story that overnight propelled you to fame and fortune, and maybe even a month on the best-seller list.
What would it do to your life as a journalist? What would it do to your life, as a student?
Even if you never imagined that scenario for yourself, what about such a twist of fate for any newsman or woman?
This is a question I first pondered passing the mounds of this task. How can I call myself a journalist? And believing I can be a Journalist. With a pen and a paper. The gift of rhetoric’s, and a heart embodied towards the mass. That a genuine journalist should deliver information’s sealed with virtue and integrity, for what he writes. Credible in all his actions and respected in all matters and ways. But when we come to think of it, not all are given the gift and the chance to write and to propagate the art of journalism, perhaps only a handful of God’s created creatures are given and has this what we call –a calling to write. Journalists are heroes in their own way, who fought the disparity of the morbid aspects of the mass and the deceitful conquest of the world. With the aid of my pen and my paper. A lot of things would change, a lot of doings would stand corrected, a lot of mistakes would come to a point of righteous precept, and a lot of eyes will be widely open for the truth that we did apprehend reality.
A journalist is a writer, defender. Messenger of truth, and above all a journalist has the love and passion for disseminating information’s to the youth, to the public and to the world. I Kurt Himatay, I live, eat and breathe Mass Com. As well as I do Journalism. I’m a communicator scholar and so as we. We all can be the change we all have always wanted. With conviction, determination, and love for labor.
I myself can call for change and be the journalist of today’s generation. Believing in the core of my own capacity, and the pith of my own strength.
I dream and believe that I can be a journalist and I will define the FUTURE...

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