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Friday, February 26, 2010

Un Conversazione con mio Padrino (An Intimate Conversation with my Godfather)


Rev. Midyphil B. BILLONES
Archdiocese of Jaro
Doctorate in Dogmatic Theology, PUG

1. To be a priest, was it really your ambition/dream since you were small?

-Ambition is the usual term used when asked a little child about his future. For me, it is more accurate to call it “vocation” or calling. Yes, I was one of those who believed that I heard the call very early. I can related strongly to the words of the prophet Jeremiah: “even before I shaped you in your mother’s womb, I already called you.” I entered at 12 years old the seminary precisely because I felt this call within.

2. Was it convivial for you to become a priest?

-If convivial means easy fun, no, not really. But if convivial means, life-giving and fulfilling, definitely yes!!!

3. Was there ever a time where you were torn between priesthood and family life?

-A single time only would not be honest. There were ‘a number of times’ that I was confronted with choices for persevering in priesthood or choosing the possibility of happy family life. Yet in each renewal of choice, God affirms you with His faithful grace.

4. If you were not a priest in this present situation, what would be your career or your second profession?

-Among my many passions, three stand at the top: God, knowledge and music , in that respective order of priority. If I were not able to devote myself full time to the Lord as a priest, I would be a happy teacher by day and a musician by night, of course teaching knowledge and singing music about my first passion who is God!

5. How would you conceptualize yourself 10 years from now?

-Hmm, I will be 50 then and therefore entering the golden years. Hopefully, with God’s grace still faithfully and passionately living out the call.

6. Since you did finished your Theology in Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) How was it studying there?

-The quality of Jesuit training has been a good launching pad for the demands and rigors of studying in Rome. It is the drive for excellence which is a trademark of Jesuit education that has really equipped me well for the task I have to do at hand.

7. Can you share with me of how are you able to manage yourself being a priest?

-The better question would be, how did God manage me as his priest. On this regard, I believe with great patience, tenderness and fidelity. It is precisely because of this, why I am still a priest up to now. I only have to surrender to this truth constantly.

8. As of today's present time, how was it living in Rome?

-Rome is a place of great beauty yet paradox. At magazine stands, you can see the picture of the Pope side by side with sexy models. There are two sides therefore, the pagan Rome or the Christian Rome. However, it is in this paradoxical melting pot that God has chosen to place the center of Christianity for a good reason. Here you will feel the pulse of the universal church alive. It is considered the ‘citta eterna’ precisely not only for its aesthetic beauty but also for the spiritual influence it spreads throughout the world.

9. Contemplating the details, what is your view about the issue of the Two Child Policy of the Government?

-In principle, I would entrust it to the wise discernment and enlightened choice of the couple to make decisions on this regard. There are other bigger issues like corruption and structural injustice that the government should focus their energies in addressing poverty.

10 Can you share with me some words of wisdom or insights in order for a person to be successful?

-Kurt, it is often said and sounds cliché but its true: “each one has a song to sing, a message to proclaim, a deed that only you can do”-- discover this… Your unique personality combination, and yes even your life circumstances are all part of His beautiful plan for you. Discover your passion (central raw desires of your heart) and stake everything on what God wants you to become and to do. This is the only way to fulfill your destiny and live a life to the fullest! God bless!

Interviewee: Rev. Midyphil B. BILLONES
Medium: E-mail
Address: Rome, Italy

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