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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're: Definitely Maybe


I ain't sure of what we really are. (Lovers, Best of Friends or Simply Fooling around) It's not even complicated like what we used to post in Friendster before, having tis "It's Complicated" status just right beside our profile name... It did all started in Jan. 17, 2010. I could really hark back the times when we both are strangers to one another, and became comfortable and certainly confident that we do dwell and believe in the same thoughts and rectitude s in life. We are somehow literally different in assorted ways, but as I quote what she says: "opposite attracts" - well It certainly does. I wasn't able to post a few entries for a while for the reason my mind was fully preoccupied ,before. But right now I am certainly invigorated, stimulated & exhilarated with lots of things and thoughts to be formally encrypted in this blog. Thanks to her... A good relationship doesn't need a pact nor formal commitment, but definitely it needs time, growth & happiness. She's my inspiration, & I do hope and pray that definitely, maybe we stay this way as time flies, time will tell.#

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