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Monday, March 22, 2010

"Cleaning and Greening Iloilo"

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It may be devoid of publicity, but Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas' order to strictly enforce both the anti-vandalism and anti-littering ordinances is just what the city needs.

We don't know if it helped in the city's recent recognition as the "cleanest and greenest" highly-urbanized city in the region but since Treñas issued the order in July yet, maybe it actually boost the city's chances in bagging the award.

Although Iloilo City could have just handily won the Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran's regional competition as the only other highly-urbanized city in Western Visayas, Bacolod, has been exempted after it was elevated in the Hall of Fame for winning the national competition for three consecutive years.

The mayor said that his directive to strictly enforce these local laws is aimed to make Iloilo City true to its vision of being a "clean and green" city.

The move is laudable but the question lies on the will of the Ilonggos to follow these ordinances.

Surely, Treñas would not have ordered strict enforcement if these local laws are being followed in the first place.

The anti-vandalism ordinance, approved in 1999, condemns and penalizes vandalism, including graffiti, and imposes a stiff P5,000 fine or an imprisonment of three months to one year or both fine and imprisonment for violators.

On the other hand, the anti-littering ordinance, was passed in 1963 yet during the term of Mayor Renerio Ticao, only penalizes violators with a fine of not more than P200 or an imprisonment of not more than six months or both at the discretion of the court.

If the Ilonggos are really serious in wanting to live in clean surroundings, they should heed the mayor's call to follow these local laws.

Clean surroundings is an effective weapon against diseases such as the dreaded dengue and typhoid fever so the wisdom of these ordinances is not to just penalize violators but to protect public health as well.

Iloilo City's recognition as the "cleanest and greenest" highly-urbanized in the region should serve as the much-needed push to heighten awareness among Ilonggos
for the need to maintain a "clean and green" surroundings.

As the mayor puts it, "Cleanliness is not only the concern of the government but of the people as well."

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Investigative Report : Unwrapped Gifts


Ugly faces, dirty hands begging for foods and candies. That’s how some of us would describe the strange angels we would see in the over pass near St. Paul University Iloilo. Those angels begs food for us, actually needs care from us.

Every morning, as we go to school, we would usually see these street children lying in the road, sleeping, as if it was in a soft bed. It was strange looking at them. Afterward, we would see them begging for food and drinks. Some of us might just look at them with nothing. But still they try to convince us to give them money. Another strategy is that they would help us to find taxi as we go home from school.

One time, a close friend told me that he would usually see the mother of these kids in the afternoon. She would come to fetch, not the kids, but the collection of money and all the stuffs they have for that entire day. According to the witness, the mother was dressed up properly, while her children dressed up as nothing.


When I heard this, I told myself, how come she would do it. Then I realize that every time these kids ask for money, they actually don’t just ask for money but for care. We don’t just see their importance. They are one of those unwrapped gifts. we should look up to the wrapper but the gift itself.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Suspect in broadcaster's killing disguises as woman to elude arrest


A former town mayor in Aklan wanted for the murder of broadcaster Herson "Boy" Hinolan has reportedly dressed himself in women's clothes to evade arrest.

Senior Supt. Benigno Durana Jr., Aklan police director, said they have received several reports that former Lezo town mayor Alfredo Arcenio has been seen wearing women's dresses.

"He knows he is being hunted so he may be using disguises," Durana said in a telephone interview.

Arcenio a former soldier, has eluded arrest since he went into hiding after the Kalibo Regional Trial Court issued a warrant for his arrest on September 7, 2006. The Department of Justice has issued a hold departure order against him.

Witnesses have alleged that Arcenio was the lone gunman who repeatedly shot Hinolan on Nov. 13, 2004 while the broadcaster was urinating near a carnival in the capital town of Kalibo before the gunman fled on board a motorcycle driven by another suspect.

Hinolan died two days later at a hospital while being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. He was the station manager of dyIN Bombo Radyo in Kalibo and hosted the station's morning program "Bombohanay Bigtime."

Arcenio has repeatedly denied the allegations that he was involved in Hinolan's murder. He claimed he was in Lezo, 8 km west of Kalibo, during the shooting.

The Philippine National Police has offered a P100,000 cash reward for his arrest but he has still remain at large three years after Hinolan's murder.

Durana said Arcenio could be constantly in the move to elude the police.

"He is a former mayor and Army intelligence officer so he knows what to do and has many connections," said Durana.

Hinolan's widow Aphrodite has lamented the inability of law enforcers to arrest Arcenio.

"We have not found justice three years after Boy was killed. It is because he (Arcenio) is a former mayor who is powerful and influential," she said in a text message.

Aphrodite said she has been approached already by persons who have offered to "settle" the case for an amount..

"Even if they will offer millions of pesos, I will not agree. I do not want money. I want justice," she said.

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) said Hinolan's case shows that "justice remains elusive for journalists and other victims of summary killings in the country despite official government pronouncements that the killings are being addressed."

Hinolan is among the 90 journalists murdered since 1986 and the 53rd since President Macapagal-Arroyo came to power in 2001, according to a tally of the NUJP.